NOCO HBA Energy Logic Classes

EnergyLogic’s series of 9 classes in 2015

Presented by: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic

Lunch Included

This set of presentations are based on applied building science and systems thinking,and will unmask the system we call a house. They will help us understand why we should strive to build durable, energy‐efficient houses that have lower operating costs and fewer warranty issues, and exceed customer expectations.

We will explore codes and programs and how they interact with our buildings, and how to cost effectively ensure our houses perform at a high level.

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Location : First National Bank- 205 W. Oak Fort Collins, CO

Time: 9:30am to 12:00pm


Class #1 January 28th 9:30 am Start | 2012 IECC and what is coming in the 2015 IECC

Class #2 February 25th 9:30 am Start | Plans and Scopes of work

Class #3 March 18th 9:30 am Start | The Thermal Envelope, Insulation, Air Barriers, and the HVAC Design

Class #4 April 22nd 9:30 am Start | Windows, Openings, Flashing, and Drainage Planes

Class #5 May 20th 9:30 am Start | Vapor management, the code, and the reality

Class #6 June 17th 9:30 am Start | Building tight and Ventilate Right

Class #7 August 19th 9:30 am Start | Program and Code compliance – the Performance Path

Class #8 September 16th 9:30 am Start | Warranty

Class #9 October 21st 9:30 am Start | Energy Star V3 and the Green Appraisal Addendum

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